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Being around (as in born) and able to read by the late sixties, I enjoyed a good comic, much to the disdain of my mother. I had a weekly subscription to The Dandy for a while. When I'd had my fill of 'Desperate Dan' and 'Minnie The Minx' I could always swop with friends who had The Beano or The Beezer. Comics were plentiful and popular, they were everywhere. A small compensation for trips to the doctor or dentist were their waiting rooms, they always had old comics. Some inspired youths even tried to draw and write their own for friends and neighbours.

The ZIPster

The ZIPster has absolutely nothing to do with comics except some sort of hat tip to the name. Zip aside from its' obvious meaning comes from an old company I once owned with my partner, Donna. We liked it so much we invested in a Zip address years later, the company long gone. No surprise, all the cool names had gone, but we're happy enough with zip dot team.

If there is no superhero or villain called The ZIPster and there isn't, what's it about?

It's a tough question and one I've been avoiding answering for a couple of years. I can definitely tell you what it isn't if that helps and you can have it in your mailbox once a week on Fridays.

Nothing too polarising here, although I did report two weeks running once on some of the consequences of leaving the EU. I wasn't happy. I tried to stick to the facts. In a vain attempt to drum up early readers, I wrote about my dog Pogo and what he gets up to in Notting Hill. That seemed to work. I think the close-up shot of his face did all the damage, my words just came along for the ride.

You could say I wrote for a living but not in the conventional sense. Building a company from a standing start usually means you get all the fun jobs. Marketing was a part-time role which happened on a Sunday afternoon. When we got bigger I mostly focused on our marketing content and the scripts for the videos we made (CitNOW).

I live in London and write everyday.

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Writer, London - just the right amount of time to tell stories.


Writer, London, with the right amount of time to tell stories.